The Family of Cornelius and Ellen Shea.

This is the family of Cornelius and Ellen (Cunningham) Shea. From left to right: George, my Great Grandfather Robert James (in back), Cornelius holding his youngest daughter Donna, Loretta, Ellen, Earl (in back), Glen and Richard. At the time of this photograph (based on Dick and Donna’s size) the family probably still lived in Leelanau County, Michigan.

We tend to refer in our family to a Shea sense of humor. One of the stories most often told about Cornelius is that when my Great-Grandmother Cora was pregnant with my Uncle Bob she somehow fell in a well. Cornelius couldn’t help her… he was laughing too hard. My Aunt June still sounds outraged when she tells the story… but Grandma can’t tell it or listen to it without laughing.

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