Letters have been on my mind lately. My Gran recently loaned me a packet of letters to go through. They were a mix—a couple from her to my late Grandfather, a few from Grandpa to her, and a number of letters from her children—including one from my Mother to Gran that was so remarkably close to one I wrote Mom when I was away for a summer (and recently read from Mom’s Archive). Letters can offer such interesting insight into a person’s character, the times, and the trials of those discussed. Some of my favorite lines in this stack include:

From Grandpa stationed in San Francisco, CA in to my Gran back in the Michigan: “I hope you are not being bothered too much by my going away present.” (i. e. my Mother)

From Gran visiting my Uncle’s family while he was stationed in Germany to my Grandpa in Michigan: “Sandy hasn’t had a letter from her mother yet and we would really like some mail—Tell Lorraine to get on the ball!” And in close, “P.S. Did you water my plants?”

From my Mom to Gran: In a list of reminders… 2) Put my doll up, out of Vicky’s friend’s reach… please!! Not that I don’t trust them or anything… but!

Letters are also on my mind because I started following Letters of Note after Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing made my day by linking to a really interesting letter from a former Slave to his former Master. Check it out and be sure to read to the end!

Happy Hunting,