So, I was hanging out at my parents working on genealogy on my computer when my nephews and niece came over. My seven-year-old nephew came right over and wanted to know what I was doing. At the time I was bouncing between and my database. He asked when the person I was working on was born; it was about 308 years ago. He thought that was cool. Then he wanted to see a chart from him, and one from his brother. He was picking out people that he knew. It was a lovely moment.

Then, his three-year-old sister came around and wanted to see pictures. So I showed her pictures of her brothers that I have tied to their database entries, then pictures of their parents. Then she asked to see pictures of me. So, I showed her the ones of me ranging from probably age 2 up to 32. She looked at two of the pictures and said, “That’s me!!” In the grand scheme of things we look nothing alike, but she would not be convinced—she was right as only a very stubborn three-year-old can be.

This is not my niece!

I am hoping I have a chance to convert the eldest to genealogy but I don’t have such high hopes with darling little Miss Thing. Though, all three have offered to be cemetery assistants this summer!

Happy Hunting,