My “Hello World” post went up a year ago today (Sorry, Geneabloggers, but it’s definitely today) and it’s been a fun and bizarre, but research-rich, year. While I had hopes of making more road-trips I’ve often had to opt for short hops and learning more about my local institutions—which, mind you, are none too shabby. But this has been a good year for getting organized, connecting with family, and connecting with fellow researchers.

I want to thank all my followers, subscribers, and friends. It may seem funny to say it, but it’s so cool to know that there are people reading my posts! A special thank you to Anne at Adventures of a Kidney Donor! A blog had never crossed my mind until we got to talking about hers. Thanks so much, to the supportive, informative and fun Geneabloggers community. And they’ve heard it before but Sue, Bobbie, Kris, Jeri, and Ariana… Thank you for your continued support! And here’s to another fun and productive research year.

My parents didn’t do the big first birthday parties the way their parents or my generation seems to be stuck on (which I’m totally fine with) so I had to go back to find a good graphic.

Happy Hunting,