This is a somewhat arbitrary fact pulled from my database program, given I’m still missing a bunch of birth dates. But with the dates that I do know, there are just short of 200 people born in September. And more importantly, there are nine people who have birthdays today—and three of those are very important people in my life: my Grandpa Bill would have turned 84, and my Great Aunts, June and Donna are both celebrating birthdays today.


For some reason I couldn’t find a nice 1960s shot of Aunt June.

The honorable mentions of the day are all more distant relatives:

  • Elizabeth Botruff (the sister-in-law of my 4th Great Aunt Livina Botruff)
  • Fannie Eldred (the 2nd wife of my 3rd Great Uncle Floyd Clifton Porter, Charles’s brother)
  • Peter Lorne Chesney (the grandnephew of my 3rd Great Aunt Sarah Maria (Packer) Chesney)
  • Peter Dowdall (the  first cousin once removed of my 2nd Great Grandmother Ellen (Cunningham) Shea)
  • George Delbert Covell (my 2nd Cousin, four times removed)
  • Robert John Rennick (an honorary nephew of my Great Grandmother Flora Packer)

Happy Birthday to you all!