I’ve been scrounging through photos lately and I keep coming back to this set. I don’t know who everyone in the pictures is but these were taken around my Great Aunt Rachel (York) Elliot’s funeral in 1971 and the majority of the men are York brothers and in-laws.

Can any Yorks/Trotters or other Bradley County folk recognize any of my unknowns? Or, for that matter, correct our identifications?

Happy hunting,


Between Dad & I, we think we have identified…

Grandpa Levie Trotter & the York Brothers, c.1971

Picture 1 (L to R): Oscar York, Levie Trotter, Arverse York, Preston York, UNKNOWN, and The York Brothers, c.1971Herman York

Picture 2 (L to R): Arverse York, Preston York, UNKNOWN, Herman York, Ernest York, UNKNOWN, and UNKNOWN

The York Brothers, c.1971

Picture 3 (L to R):  Herman York, Ernest York, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, and UNKNOWN