Gran & Crystal (Porter Johnson) Bailey

It’s interesting… the (vast) majority of the family’s September births are Porter-Holden descendants.

Today in the real world we’re celebrating the birthday of my occasional research assistant. Happy birthday, kiddo!

But he shares his birthday with his 2nd Great Grandmother Crystal (Porter Johnson) Bailey.

Crystal was born 24 September 1910 in Kent County, MI to Charles “Win” and Lula (Holden) Porter. In April of 1927 she married Robert Eugene Johnson and they had four children including my Grandpa Bill, their eldest son and second child. Sometime between 1932 and 1934 the couple split in an ugly divorce. In October of 1934 Grandma Crystal married my Grandpa Bailey and they added one more child to the family. Crystal died in 1968.

This photograph is of my Gran and my Grandma Crystal probably from early 1952 or maybe late 1951 in Rockford, Michigan. Based on the dress and other pictures that look like they are from the same day, this was probably taken the day of a shared baby shower for Gran and her sister-in-law (and Crystal’s niece), Joan. They had daughters less than a month apart in 1952.

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