I’ve been running pretty solidly for the last few weeks but I have had a number of wonderful genealogy related experiences in that time.

In the forefront, I owe a large thank you to my aunts who took me back over home to see Johnsville, Arkansas the longtime home of my York, Trotter and allied families and then into Warren, the seat of Bradley County. The trip was two hours from our reunion hotel and the drive was filled with fascinating stories and asides most of which I had never heard before. It was an insightful trip for me and it was very generous of them to spend the day with me.


I got to see what remains of my great grandmother’s home. It’s awkward because I don’t have the emotional attachment to it. But I found it moving as it currently appears that the woods are reclaiming the land.

Thank you to my Aunts–Linda, Brenda and Alfreda!

Happy hunting,