Trotter-Rogers Reunion 1985, Detroit, MIIt’s reunion/family-get-together season and I’ve got the photos to prove it!

This one’s from 1985. I’m not sure if this was an actual reunion or just a large family gathering.

I only really know my immediate family here. I’m with Mom in the front right and my brother is looking surly with his plate in the front left. I see Grandma and the outline of Grandpa, two of my cousins, three aunts, and three uncles, Great Aunt Lee Ellen (Trotter) Hampton, and Cousin Carol. I’m guessing there are more Hamptons in the shot?

Dad had to have been one of the photographers. How do I know? Because I was making funny faces at the photographer in the next shot and that would only happen to him and my Uncle Christopher. And Chris was in the background of both shots.

This was taken in front of my Grandparents house near the old Detroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan.

Happy hunting!


PS. Can anyone tell me how Cousin Carol was related to the Trotters?