… Just not all the one’s I expected to.

On Dad’s side, I found Great Aunt Rachel pretty much where I expected her to be, She was just outside of Warren in Bradley County Arkansas, teaching school. And better yet, it’s the first time Uncle Fred is officially listed as doing barbering work. I’d kind of hoped that my grandmother and aunts would be listed with her, but no such luck. And on further research I’ve only found the eldest of those aunts with another family member.

1950 US census, Bradley County, AR, Bradley Quarters, ED. 6-14 Sheet 43, line 3, Fred Elliott family; US National Archives.

And for Mom’s family I found the residents of 223 Maple St. My step-great grandfather, great grandmother, great uncles and great aunt. Grandpa Bill was in the service at this point. He’ll be much harder to find without complete indexing.

1950 US census, Kent County, MI, Rockford, ED. 41-77 Sheet 73, line 16, Harold Bailey family; US National Archives.

And I found my Grandma Ethel living with her mother and siblings in Grand Rapids. That’s the best example of my factory worker family that I’ve ever seen.

1950 US census, Kent County, MI, Grand Rapids, ED.87-159 Sheet 77, line 16, Cora H. Shea family; US National Archives.

Have you been searching the 1950 Census?

Happy hunting,