Johnson Christmas 1979The annual meeting of Grandma Ethel’s family empire was this weekend reminded me of this Christmas memory.

My Grandpa loved Christmas! This is him, William Eugene “Gene” Johnson, myself and the back of my brother’s head. This is from the Christmas of 1979, the year before he died.

I hope you’ve had a fabulous holiday season!

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Trotters, 1971

‘Tis the season! This week I was going through Christmas specific pictures and came across this lovely shot of my Aunt and my Grandmother from around 1971. It’s a little fuzzy but I love the lace. I have to say my dad’s family has consistently had style! Remember Dad’s Nehru jacket? And, oh, if Uncle would only let me show you some of his looks in the 1960’s and 1970s—the hats alone are fabulous!

Happy holidays and happy hunting,


Grandpa Harold Bailey, 1982

Just a quick remembrance…

Grandpa Bailey (my Step Great-Grandfather, Harold Bailey) would have turned 107 this week.

The photo is from my father’s collection taken at one of the Bailey/Johnson Christmas gatherings—probably in 1982.

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Their first Christmas. These were the firstborn grandchildren for their generation. That’s Mom on the right and her cousin Susie on the left. This is taken in Kent County, MI, circa 1952.

Happy hunting and happy holidays,


Cousins, at the Johnson Christmas Party, c. late 1980s

Here’s one that comes up in conversation more often than it should. But this year was significant because it was the first and last time I was the tallest of this shady lot of cousins. You can’t even really tell in this picture but it was a really big deal at the time. Needless to say every last one of them shot past me not too long after that. The photo was taken at the apartment of my Grandma Ethel and eventual Step-Grandfather Don in Grand Rapids, MI.

Happy holidays and happy hunting!


I’m the product of a two child household so the concept of a Christmas for a family of 10 (8 kids) is a bit foreign. Check out this tree… to my eyes the presents go on forever. This is taken in my grandparents home in Detroit, Michigan during Christmas of 1971.

Happy hunting and happy holidays!


As we head into the holidays I have a collection of Christmas related pics for Wordless Wednesday.

This is a favorite of mine. This was taken in December of ‘77 or ’78. I’m the baby being held my Grandpa Bill. The others are my mom, my aunt, and my older cousin. We’re at my grandparents’ home on Main St. in Rockford, MI for the holidays doing dishes and just being together.

What you can’t see and I only vaguely remember is the risqué wallpaper print.

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‘Tis the Season…

Johnson Christmasn 1979

Christmas for me has always been a time to share with family. This is a shot of my Grandparents from Christmas in 1979—the last before my grandfather died in May of 1980. The two younger children facing away are my cousin and my brother. I’m in the center.

Happy Holidays!