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Today is the 189th Anniversary of the birth of William King Bailey, my Step 3rd Great Grandfather. He was the seventh child of Smith Bailey and Eunice King born 14 January 1825 in Oswego County, New York. The Bailey’s relocated to Cannon Township, Kent County, Michigan sometime in the 1840s having settled by 1846 when the his parents hosted the meeting organizing the First Congregational Church which still exists today as the Bostwick Lake Congregational Church.

In 1852 William married Susan Howard, the daughter of William and Martha Bier Howard. Susan was born March 27, 1830 in England. The couple settled and began their family in Section 24 of Cannon Township on a tract in the west half of the section bordered by what are now Kreuter to the North and 6 Mile to the south. In the 1863 and 1876 plat maps the homestead is shown on Kreuter and nearly opposite the Smith Bailey homestead.

William and Susan had at least nine children. William Howard born in 1853, who married Estella Barringer, the daughter of David and Mary Barringer. Harmon J. was born in 1855 and later married Cordelia Holmes. Martha was born in 1857 and married Frank Benton Henry. Emma Charlotte was born in 1859 and married twice—first to Arista Thompson and then to CharlesUnderhill. George was born in 1865 and married Lizzie Groner. Nettie or Nellie was born in 1867 and later married William Hoag. Three children died young: James H. was born in 1861 and died before he turned three, John H. was born in 1863 and died before his first birthday, and Edward D. born in 1871 lived only 4 months.

Susan died at the age of 46 in April of 1876. William married Mrs. Adaline Parks Beach, widow of Richard Beach, 03 Oct 1876. William died 29 July 1888 after a long illness. William and Susan are buried in Old Bostwick Lake Cemetery, Cannon Township, Kent County, Michigan.

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Today marks the 225th anniversary of the birth of the father of our first Bailey family to settle in Kent County, Smith Bailey.

Smith was a native of Vermont and married Eunice King in January of 1807. The couple began their family in Vermont, relocated for a time to Oswego, NY, and then moved on to Washtenaw Co., Michigan in time for the 1840 Census. The Bailey’s and their extended family had settled in Cannon Twp, Kent Co., Michigan sometime in the 1840s. But in 1846 they had established their farm and home and hosted the organizing meeting for the First Congregational Church at Steele’s Corner’s, now Bostwick Lake Congregational Church.

The couple had ten children: Helena V. (who married Henry Sherman), Jerusha King (who married J. W. Scott), Eunice King (who married Harrison Pitcher), Chloe (who married Simon Scott), Smith Jr. (who married Marian Waite), William King (who married Susan Howard), Luther (died unmarried), Sarah (who married Harvey Porter—Seth’s Brother) and Emeline who married John Kronk.

Smith Bailey died Jun 19, 1864 at the age of 77.

My Grandpa Bailey was the grandson of William King Bailey, through his son George.

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